21 Jump Street

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I just came from watching possibly the most hilarious movie I’ve seen in a long time: 21 Jump Street starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Both actors did a phenomenal job! I can’t ruin the surprise but you’ll be amazed to see the guest star at the end of the film. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a must see!

21 Jump Street is about two American cops, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum), and their undercover mission to bust high school drug dealers. Ironically, their own high school experience made the mission a little harder than it seemed. Schmidt was a nerd in high school, often teased by Jenko who was the cool kid. They met again in training to graduate from the police academy, inevitably calling themselves “brothers.”

The movie was comical, action-filled, and a little sentimental – well, I’m a cry baby. But I guarantee you’ll love it. Great film.

Watch the YouTube trailer here:

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Inspired by Millie

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A close friend of mine, Millie Liriano, styled this outfit for me. She’s brilliant. And my lovely sister, Jessica Grose, is accredited for the photography. The talent, ladies and gentlemen – the talent!

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Spring Break 2012 Go-To Designers

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As seen on bunow.com…

The countdown to spring break 2012 has begun and there is just a few more days remaining! I guarantee the phrase, “Must… get through… this week,” is repeating in your head. Once you’ve pushed through your midterms and the break finally arrives, it’s time to sit back, relax, and probably party. Let’s be honest… definitely party! Wherever your destination may be, your spring break attire has the greatest influence on this week of fun, chaos and no regrets.

The many designer shows from NYC, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks have not only introduced spring 2012 couture and upcoming trends, but also left behind limitless options. Thankfully, these options might make packing worth your while and a tad bit easier. No more fighting with your suitcase, we’ve got the looks you should consider. Our spring break destinations might be different, but our mindsets are the same: let’s make it memorable!

Destination: The Islands

Spending your break at the beach in early March might be on your agenda but I’m almost positive you won’t get in. However, a few of you luxurious college students might be planning a lovely getaway to the islands (Jamaica, Cancun, etc.). Ladies, trust in the wonderful 3.1 Phillip Lim and his effortlessly chic collection.

3.1 Phillip Lim’s spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection screams “Bahama Mama.” It’s amazing how he recycles these soft, pastel colors and occasionally throws in a bold color like black. His usage of these delicate linens are perfect for your island getaway.

Destination: City

Now, this is a destination we all can relate to. Who doesn’t love the city? Philadelphia, NYC, Boston… always seems to reveal our inner urban. So, who is our city go-to designer? Four letters: DKNY. That should’ve been a given. And if you dare to be different, the man himself – Kanye West – provided a line only for the confident.

DKNY, you have never failed us. Donna Karan New York says it all. Known for classy, city-like attire, how could we not include them in this category? Her collection followed the sporty-chic trend. No designer understands New York better than Karan. With a fitted pant, blazer, or skirt, you’d be amazed how urban her line is.

For the bold and confident city walkers – drum roll, please – introducing… the Kanye West collection.

You’ve got to love Kanye West. From rapper to style expert, he has done it again – interrupting that is – interrupting our closed, inside of the box mindsets. This was his first show; does a congratulations from Silvia Venturini Fendi and her daughter Delfina Delettrez Fendi prove a job well done? I think so! With this fierce, urban, and sexy collection, expect head turns in every city. I repeat: this line is for the bold and confident!

Destination: Internship

If you’re a workaholic, I guarantee your spring break will be packed with career-related experience notions… which is phenomenal. Internships are great. It’s your one and only chance to show your skills and what you can offer. How about a little bit of Derek Lam?

After working closely with Michael Kors for nearly five years, don’t think twice about trusting his expertise. Known for his feminine fabrics and crisp silhouettes, this man is the only man for your internship wardrobe. Derek Lam throws in bright and neon colors to make his pieces stand out. Utilizing the straight leg pant theme, his collection feeds off the perfect sporty chic trend. Make this first impression count!

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Dear Bloom Episode 1

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As seen on bunow.com…

Dear Bloom is the first fashion media organization at Bloomsburg University. It’s purpose – to be your one and only fashion informant! Dear Bloom is both a weekly fashion column in The Voice and now an online television show featuring Lauren Grose (producer and host), Michelle MeGill (co-host), and Turrell Seldon (co-host).

Inspired by the popular show on E! News, Fashion Police, Dear Bloom strives to create an undeniable interest in fashion for BU faculty, students, and staff. With hopes to educate, inform, and deliver their strongest opinions, the Dear Bloom team is positive the show will become a success. Turrell, Lauren, and Michelle frequently call themselves the “BU Fashion Police.” Soon, they plan to incorporate BU campus style into the show, simply capturing images of student’s every day style – both the do’s and don’ts. Warning: make sure you look your best… they will find you!

Watch the first episode of Dear Bloom here and stay tuned for episodes to come! Like Dear Bloom on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @DeearBloomU

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Busted Episode 75: The Reunion

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Monday evening, the wonderfully talented Busted cast presented a hilarious show. Episode 75: The Reunion was amusing, but ended in a life lesson, as all Busted shows hope to imply.

Great job to the entire Busted cast. We love seeing students unafraid to hide their passion, talent, and inner character!

In case you missed the show, check out these pictures for a brief visual recap!

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Nick Mathis, a BU Alumni, shines in NYC

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Nick Mathis, a Bloomsburg University graduate, is successfully making his way around the city of dreams: New York City – Brooklyn, NY to be exact. This shouldn’t be a surprise! If you were fortunate enough to know Nick, you’d know he is surely destined for greatness. “The Man on Campus” was an understatement. Nick’s fun, upbeat, and driven personality is only proof of the bright future awaiting him. He is an absolute natural. Where do I begin on his list of resume-appropriate talents? Let’s see… photographer, fashion stylist, writer, and PR wizard – just to name a few. If you didn’t know him before,  you know him now!

Here, Nick poses for BET’s (Black Entertainment Television) street style team. Captions for his picture included:

“Break up your neutrals with a pop of color.”
“Proof positive that a statement piece can elevate any outfit.”
“A little bit of grunce goes a long way.”

Nick moved to NYC this past summer (2011) after his graduation. In New York, he worked the Fall 2011 Fashion Week and just recently styled Mercedes Smith, another BU student, for her photo shoot with Liveband Magazine as “Publicist of the Year.”

Follow Nick on Twitter (@NdotMATHIS) to hear more about his journey to success and his views, opinions, and fashion must-haves. I assure you will not be disappointed!

Lauren J. Grose
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Kreemo: Beg To Differ

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In a world where younger generations tend to sway from success and leadership, three young men from New York rebelliously surpass these statistics. Often described as “entrepreneurs or future moguls,” they have created a brand and a business. Ladies and gentlemen of Bloomsburg University, I present to you Kreemo, a unique clothing line for unique individuals.

The name “Kreemo” derived from the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, a psychiatric hospital in Queens, New York. Through word of mouth, Kreemo quickly attracted publicity, sales, and income. Kreemo is now a lifestyle brand sweeping through the US market selling graphic tee shirts, crew necks, hoodies, hats and other accessories and apparel.

In 2008, the three Morehouse College freshmen – Brian Wright, LaVan Wright (cousins), and Desmond Attmore – constructed a union. Born and raised in New York City, their talents were different but there was surely a common interest to fulfill: begging to differ.

Attmore says, “When we first began to market Kreemo to Morehouse and other colleges around us, people were very receptive. They wanted to know what it was, the meaning behind the ghost, etc.”

He continues, “The only difference between then and now is that although people respected and liked the brand they were more hesitant to purchase t-shirts from us. Now that the brand has grown and become more reputable, we have no problems getting people to buy shirts. We don’t have to go to them, they come to us.”

Their motto, “Beg to Differ,” aligns with their goal of taking the road less traveled upon. Representing freedom and an escape from the status quo, they can only thank their past.

At a young age, they all kept close a natural set of gifts, inevitably preparing them for ‘the day.’ With a team and an opportunity, everything would fall into place. And it has!

By the time Brian Wright was sixteen years old, his business mindset set in. Interested in entertainment – not as a rapper or singer – he was aware of his ability to build. His building was much bigger than the Empire State building. He had a dream.

As a kid, LaVan Wright couldn’t sway from his creative instinct. Envisioning himself as a superhero and sketching his own cartoon characters has developed into a talent. His love for cartoons and animations still exists today.

Growing up in Queens, New York, Desmond Attmore could not avoid his passion for street wear. Known as either a “marketing guru in the making” or an infamous “go getter,” his contribution to the brand could never be replaced.

Kreemo has worked with artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, Wynter Gordan, Vashtie Kola, DJ Don Cannon, etc. Attmore says, “When Wiz Khalifa wore the Kreemo Dropout sweater it definitely increased our buzz. People were tweeting blogging about it. Kreemo is big on our campus so it is very normal to see someone wearing our brand.”

Now, the twenty-one year old entrepreneurs and future moguls plan to take the brand to higher heights. They are branching off into a music sector, KREEMO Sounds, a Video and Production department, KREEMO Tele, and a Marketing and Designs department, KM&D. Once graduation day arrives in 2013, they will turn their tassel as CEOs and business owners.

Originally made for men, Kreemo is putting together a women’s clothing line: Kreemo Kisses. In five years, they hope to see Kreemo as one of the top street wear clothing brands, similar to labels such as Bape, Supreme, or Original Fake.

Desmond Attmore and the other two Kreemo owners want to encourage people in their hometown, New York, school city, Atlanta, and all across the world to chase their dreams. Attmore concludes, “Find what it is you are good at, devise a plan and strategy and make it happen. You can’t be afraid to take a risk.” Kudos to Kreemo!

Visit Kreemo.com to shop and visit their blog. You can also follow Kreemo on Twitter at @Kreemo.

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